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XXL 1000 – Professional choice for sensible production

For professional chopping

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XXL 1000 is a wood processor developed for professional use. The machine cuts and splits small and large logs quickly. Highly developed technical solutions make chopping wood easy and extremely automatic! Out processor is efficient and safe; XXL1000 is the king of choppers!

Automatic trimming control

Trunks are cut with a highly effective automatic tensioning system and lubricated hydraulic saw. The cutting unit employs an automatic trimming control system that measures all wood passing through the machine. The machine can discard any logs or blocks of incorrect length, if required; this way every piece of wood will be exactly the desired length! The automatic trimming control ensures problem-free production.

Patented splitter locator

The processor's cutting grid locator is fully automated and patented. The reliable locator splits all wood precisely at the centre to optimal size. Chop wood into the size you want: into 2 or 16 parts, for example.

Options for chopped wood size

The XXL 1000 processor produces chopped and split wood in exactly the desired size. Wood can be chopped to any length down from 100 cm. The splitting blade enables splitting logs to, for example, 2, 4, 8 or 16 pieces. The versatile log splitter chops the wood exactly how you want to!

Speedy production

When chopping shorter logs, production can be sped up by cutting the log or block before splitting. This way the conveyor will feed several logs for cutting simultaneously, reducing production time.

Automatic control

The entire process can be carried out fully automatically from start to finish. Logs can be lifted onto the feeder conveyor with a log loader or some other device. The use of the log splitter is controlled and monitored with a multi-function controller that can be placed in a heated tractor cab, for example.

No risk of jamming

The log splitter is supplied with a wide output conveyor that ensures that chopped wood is removed from the machine without jamming. Thanks to the wide conveyor, there is no risk of jamming even at high power.

Conveyor customised to your needs

The length and model of the conveyor can be customised to meet the customer's requirements. The output conveyor starts automatically and is raised and lowered electrically. If needed, the conveyor may be turned to either side.

Technical details:

  • Diameter of logs chopped: max 45 cm
  • Log length: max 100 cm
  • Length of feeding conveyor: 400 cm
  • Length of output conveyor: 280 cm, 380 cm with extension
  • Installation: self-standing frame
  • Power sources: tractor and electricity
  • Weight: ca. 1,700–2,700 kg

You can order your Bilke XXL 1000 Firewood Processor simply by calling +358 400 676 164 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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