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Chopped wood easily and safely!

Bilke Firewood Processors are manufactured by Lehtoniemen Metalli Oy.

Established in 1983, Lehtoniemen Metalli is a metal company operating in Varkaus, Finland. The company's operations divide into two areas: Product development and manufacturing of Bilke Firewood Processors, and industrial parts manufacturing.

The technical solutions of our log splitters are highly advanced, and product development is top class. Our product development comfortably meets all modern requirements – as well as those of the future. Our cutting technology is patented.

The product development of all Bilke devices begins with safety. A safety improvement solution often improves production efficiency as well!

Bilke Firewood Processors

Our firewood processors are efficient and easy to use. Chopping wood with a firewood processor with automatic feed conveyor is both effortless and safe.